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A milestone in the journey through time

Urbanization is one of the most significant factors that influence our living environment, lifestyle and mankind as a whole. It keeps the influx of people to the urban centers continued and ever increasing. As an expanding prime land city. Ashkona is a model residential area near to course Ashkona have the phenomenal growth.  Uttara model town and of course Ashkona have the phenomenal growth. 

The overwhelming pressure or urbanization is increasing year by year, the populace comes to need for a renewal of the family, consequently the higher number of outgrow population is now a hand toward renovation and Nur Technologies Ltd feel this crux and is trying to overcome it and Nur Technologies Ltd is working on that issues. Will be happy to know that NTL Green Garden the first, Most facilitated and largest, Private Apartment Project in Ashkona to accommodate the increasing need for developing human settlement.

With changing times, things changed, development and our goal will be to progress overtime. Nur Technologies Ltd stands to endear a greater number of people with state of the art modern amenities and facilities. 

Nur Technologies Ltd is not only a name in the real estate sector but also an idea and dream of thousands of people's prospects within the country. Our company has very strong financial support's expertise to give you the foundation to construct your residential apartment & commercial space. Our architects take good care of our design and fulfill our valuable customer's needs.